Q) What is the cost of a lightning protection system?

A) It varies from house to house depending on the shape of the roof and number of finials, chimneys, dormers, etc. A very general estimate is 2/3 percent of the home value (i.e. $500,000 home – System cost = $3,300)


Q) If I install a system on my house will I get a break on my home owner's insurance?

A) Some companies do give discounts. You must call your carrier and check on this. Most frequently there is not, but have heard several home owner's dropped after filing a claim and then not having a system installed.


Q) Is there any maintenance for a home owner after a system has been installed?

A) Visual Inspections are required. If any cable or air terminals have been altered in any way, call your installing company and have a professional make the necessary repairs.


Q) Do lightning rods attract lightning?

A) No, lightning rods neither attract or deter it. Rods provide a low path of resistance to the earth eliminating any chance of destruction along the way.

"A Lightning Protection System provides a means by which this discharge may enter or leave the earth without passing through and damaging non-conductive parts of a structure...it provides a means for controlling it and providing a low resistance path for discharge of lightning energy."





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